Just like Brickman’s bestselling book, The Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z, the exhibition is built to inspire LEGO builders’ imaginations and challenge visitors with new interactive build zones! The Bricktionary Exhibition is The Brickman’s ultimate A-Z of LEGO® brick models! Designed to showcase the creativity and possibilities within the simple LEGO brick, The Bricktionary exhibition includes over 200 individual models created by Ryan and his team based on the letters of the alphabet.


Your ultimate LEGO® experience awaits. Bricktionary: The Interactive Exhibition features custom-built LEGO® models, inspired by nothing more than simple letters and boundless imagination.


Guests will get hands on while learning about the creation of the largest LEGO® models. Plus, there are dozens of epic selfie opportunities alongside LEGO® brick creations. And, when inspiration strikes, guests are invited to put their imaginations to work and create something amazing!


Sun 10 Mar 2024 - Sun 19 May 2024


Theatre of Light
Theatre of Light, East Wall Road, North Dock, Dublin, Ireland

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