Undercover Martians are an Irish indie rock band from Bundoran, County Donegal and Kinlough, County Leitrim. Their dynamic, versatile musicianship, combined with emotional resonance and wisdom beyond their years, brings something unique to the overcrowded indie rock genre. Combining the angst and raw cynicism of punk, the riff-heavy swagger of classic rock, the melodic quirks of indie-pop, and the sonic experiments of post-rock, there’s more than meets the eye with Undercover Martians. Evoking a wide variety of rock icons such as Wallows, Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, and Green Day, Martians wear their influences proudly on their sleeve.


Fri 25 Aug 2023


Roisin Dubh
Róisín Dubh, Dominick Street Upper, Galway, Ireland

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