Cork Opera House is delighted to announce our 2022 Panto – Sleeping Beauty.

“Once upon a time in a pantoland far, far away, the beautiful princess Beauty was born. When the time came for her
to be christened, an uninvited guest – the evil Maleficent, cursed the princess so that on her 18th birthday she would
prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep for 100 years. What could possibly undo such a dastardly curse? “

Unlike poor Sleeping Beauty, audience members will be kept wide-awake and entranced as this magical tale unfolds
before their eyes in yet another spectacular and elaborate pantomime brought to you by our Panto “dream team”.
Come join Nanny Nellie and friends as they take on Maleficent in the quest to free our beautiful princess.

Packed with amazing colour, fantastic costumes, live music, breath-taking dance and tonnes of belly laughs – this
production will be a magical musical rollercoaster ride for all the family to enjoy this Christmas.


Thu - Thu 01 - 22 Dec 2022


Cork Opera House
Cork Opera House, Emmett Place, Centre, Cork, Ireland

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