Lisa McHugh is Irelands leading country pop singer, who continues to surprise and delight audiences across the world. With 7 studio albums, 3 of which went top 10 in Ireland & 12 #1 singles on Itunes country charts, 3 top 5 pop singles in Irish Itunes charts with “Country Mile” and “Watch Me” and a top Top 20 on Shazam with “Watch Me”, Lisa has undeniably cemented her position as the leading Irish female country pop star and her undeniable ability to write pitch perfect country anthems. Glasgow born, Irish artist Lisa McHugh has undeniably authenticated herself as an artist who emulates her country and pop influences. A Pop Country artist in all senses of the word, Lisa’s enchanting stage presence and undeniable talent are what her fans keep coming back for. Her rebirth of Pop Country has flourished through her sound, look, inspirations and even mindset saying “Since embracing change and facing new challenges, I have learned that music is a form of therapy and I will never take that gift for granted” After 10 years of touring, Lisa has taken her career to new levels with considered cowrites and powerful anthems and as global interest continues to grow, Lisa’s talent speaks for itself. Lisa McHugh’s new chapter is a breath of fresh air which represents who she truly is and what she believes in. New music, new ideas, and incredible talent. Awarded female vocalist of the year 5 times. Awarded female artist of the year 3 times . Awarded Best country single for “Who I Am”.


Sat 22 Apr 2023


Cyprus Avenue
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline Street, Centre, Cork, Ireland

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