Glasshouse is a music ensemble and arts organisation in Dublin. Our mission is to elevate Irish music through commissioning and collaboration. They produce and programme their own concerts, combining sound, space and visual design to create unforgettable music experiences. Enjoy this lush and soaring take on one of the most influential figures in electronic music. The concert features chamber ensemble and electronics, accompanied by striking visual projection.

“Glasshouse are among the highest calibre of musicians the nation has to offer.”- Nialler9

“Their multifaceted approach to music transcends sound … [Their] subtle attention to detail allows us to enjoy the thing that really matters: the multitude of feelings that music can evoke in us all.” – Totally Dublin


Sat 23 Jul 2022


Roisin Dubh
Róisín Dubh, Dominick Street Upper, Galway, Ireland

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