Grab your compass and join our intrepid explorer across uncharted territories to discover a pre-historic world of astonishing (and remarkably life-like) dinosaurs. At Dinosaur World, meet a host of impressive creatures including every child’s favourite flesh-eating giant, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops, Giraffatitan, Microraptor and Segnosaurus! A special meet and greet after the show offers all our brave explorers the chance to make a new dinosaur friend. Don’t miss this entertaining and mind-expanding jurassic adventure, live on stage.

Dates and Times:

  • Thursday 13th July at 2pm and 6pm
  • Friday 14th July at 11am and 2pm
  • Saturday 15th July at 11am and 2pm


Thu - Sat 13 - 15 Jul 2023


Lime Tree Theatre
Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick, Ireland

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