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Chris de Burgh

11 March

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Join us as we celebrate a monumental milestone with Chris de Burgh – a dazzling 50 years in the music industry, as he embarks on his solo European 2025 tour.

‘The tour will be about referring back to when I started out, as a single guy with a guitar and piano. So, it will be me performing and talking about the music, talking about the origin of the songs and their background.‘ – Chris de Burgh

From his humble beginnings in 1974 with the debut album Far Beyond These Castle Walls to a career that spans the globe, Chris’ journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Reflecting on his first steps into music, Chris shares, ‘I had no concept that I was going to last as long as this. Fifty years? Wow!’ His initial success, marked by the single ‘Flying’ dominating the charts in Brazil for 17 weeks, was only the beginning.

Over the decades, Chris’ music has resonated with audiences worldwide, leading to over 45 million album sales, nearly 4,000 concerts, and a loyal fan base that has stood by him through the ups and downs of a relentless music career.

In 2024, to mark this incredible journey, Chris de Burgh is set to release a new album titled 50, featuring a selection of his favourite songs from each of his studio albums, alongside three brand-new tracks. This album is not just a celebration of his past works but a testament to his ongoing passion for music and songwriting.

Accompanying the album release, Chris will embark on a solo tour, offering fans a unique experience as he performs with just his guitar and piano, sharing the stories and origins behind his most beloved songs.

Cork Opera House

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